Sasha Wilde, aka Saša Wilde, moved to the UK from Lithuania in 2007, starting out in a ready-meals factory in Hull, speaking very little English. Since then they gained a degree in Tibetan and Study of Religions, as well as Psychosocial Studies, dabbled in coding, worked as a chef, an interpreter for the NHS, taught Lithuanian at UCL, and was a digital uploader at a national newspaper. They currently live and work in London, but can often be seen around Helsinki.

They are a music producer, songwriter, 5-octave vocalist and a performance artist, working with gestural technologies. Artist collaboration has enabled Sasha’s practice to span a variety of mediums, leading to international performances and residencies, composing sound for films, and publishing their writing and translations.

Sasha’s varied practice explores themes of migration, diaspora, language, gender and moral panics. Sci-fi, Tibetan Buddhism, magic and ritual all come in to create an enchanted yet critically informed world, mediated through sound, text, video, live performance.

Their practice and work are directly influenced by their lived experience of growing up as a gender nonconforming person in a small town in Lithuania, where they were accused of witchcraft, and consequently were targeted by local media, educational institutions and the police. Currently developing new sound, performance and moving image work that deals with the trauma of surviving such community violence.

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Picture by Aleksi Kolmonen