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Music score for Both& new campaign video. Dir. Wes O’Connor, 2022

Art Workers, TV series, collaboration with film director and artist Jos Bitelli: composer and sound director, 2021-2022

Music score for “Finn” film, dir. Lydia Garnett, 2021

Every time I am erased, I write myself back, sound sculpture commissioned by the decolonial translation collective Mother Tongues, 2019

Essential Balm, a sound art show for Soho radio, upcoming in 2022

Music producer for the band Trouble Wanted, 2020-ongoing

Snake Woman, song production for Elisa Schwam, Berlin, 2021

Sound engineering for Phoebe Davies and Nandi Bhebhe “Viscera”, 2021, Wellcome Collection commission

Songwriter, producer and singer on KERAI’s album Show Me A Future Where I Can Live, 2021


IRCAM workshops. Sasha Wilde, Nicole Bettencourt Coelho and Yuki Nakayama perform a 20 minute piece, using wearable gestural technologies, real-time sound design and processing, interactive composition, live instruments, custom MAX MSP programmes, multidirectional panning, and auto-generation of corresponding visuals. Centre Pompidou, Paris, March 2022.

KERAI live music show using Mi.Mu gloves, The Folklore, London, 2021

SapfoFest, live performance event, festival opening, Anyksciai, Lithuania, 2021

Strange Friends, spoken word and live sound performance, Mascara Bar, London, 2021

Do You Remember the First Time?, live performance, Shacklewell Arms, London, June 2021

Raze Live, spoken word and sound performance, Matchstick Piehouse, London, February 2020

Cramps, spoken word and sound performance, The Chateau, London, February 2019-2020

Trans Writers salon, reading and performance, Queer Cafe, London, 2018

Pale News, Chisenhale commission, performance and writing, directed by Milo van der Maaden and Imran Perretta, 2016


Performance for camera in “Heaven and Songs“, dir. Lydia Garnett

Performance for camera in “Evolution“, dir. Oliver David; collaboration with artists Eve Stainton and Florence Peake; premiered at the Trans Day of Joy, online event, February 2021

Spalvos TV – Lithuanian national television programme, interview and showcase of audiovisual work, 2021

Collaboration with Izzi Valentine, fashion short film “O”, music and art direction 

Collaboration with an Iceland-based British artist Kitty von-Sometime, “Origin” music video, premiere and interview, OUT magazine, 2018


Translator of “Mermaids” and “Taxi Driver” by Jurga Tumasonyte. Will be published as part of Contemporary Lithuanian Fiction collection, Strangers Press, UK, 2022

“Pilnatis” [“Full Moon”], short story published in Kreives magazine, print, Lithuania, 2021

Working Class Kids Were Told They Had No Future Before It Was Cool for Working Class Creatives Database, online takeover, new writing and art commission, UK, 2021 

“Transmissions”, short story published in Alterity studies magazine, issue 1, print and online, Corbel Stone Press, Iceland, 2017

Body Stories, new writing commission and photoshoot, online, UK/Denmark, 2021


Titanik A.i.R., sound art residency in Turku, Finland, 2022

Sodas2123, resident artist, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2021-ongoing

True Story, 71Bodies dance theatre company, collaborative performance commission; premiere at Bergen International Festival, Norway, 2023

British Council and Lithuanian Culture Institute, literary translation mentorship, January-May 2018

British Centre for Literary Translation, UAE, Translation and Creative Writing Summer School, 2018 and 2019


Alphabet radio/Soho radio production course, March-April 2021, online

MA Psychosocial studies, Birkbeck University, London, 2015-2018.
Subjects studied: medical humanities, critical theories, moral philosophy, Lacanian and Kleinian psychoanalytic theories. Dissertation “How does AI, when conceived of in Deleuzian terms as an assemblage, bring into question agency, temporality, ethics and embodiment?” awarded best dissertation in the cohort prize. 

Web development course: website and application building, Code First: Girls, London, 2016-2017.

BA Tibetan and Study of Religions, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, 2010-2013.
Subjects studied: ancient and modern Tibetan, Tibetan history, critical theories, continental philosophy, psychoanalytic theories.


Lithuanian, English, French, Russian and Tibetan.