“A love letter to my friends” originally composed for Lydia Garnett’s short film “Finn”, coming out at the end of October 2021.

KERAI means ‘charm, spell and glamour’ in Lithuanian. Catchy beats merge with dark ethereal sounds and powerful, haunting, pitch-manipulated vocals. “Show Me a Future Where I Can Live” is a testament to both resilience and vulnerability – from Sasha Wilde’s post-Soviet childhood, growing up queer in a hostile environment, through to surviving an actual witch-hunt. Sasha Wilde and Julian Wharton weave together a tapestry made up of sounds influenced by moody Russian New Wave, Scandinavian electronica, and Lithuanian folk – all punctuated with deep and punchy bass and kick. Ursula K Le Guin and H. G. Welles’ voices appear, evoking longing for a future on planet Earth. The songs tear down everything to allow for different possibilities, previously unimagined. “Show Me a Future Where I Can Live” is brimming with references to alien worlds, (transphobic) monsters, otherworldly creatures and ghosts, but also addresses more down to earth concerns, such as relationship and mental health struggles, and cruising. Prepare yourself for some serious shapeshifting.