Seductive and strange, Evolution is a queer meditation on monstrosity and the erotic. The video invites the viewer to abandon attempts at categorising what they see and to give up the notions of reading and passing. Evolution creates a space where there is freedom to go through the feelings of attraction, revulsion and fascination without shutting down the possibilities of an intimate encounter. The song was written as a response to transphobia that Sasha Wilde encountered in Slavoj Žižek’s lecture. Directed by Oliver David – whose work on Mykki Blanco’s Loner promos was featured in New York Times, Guardian, Bullet, Paper and Pitchfork – the video takes place in a haunting and liminal space, in which ambiguous forms are picked out of the darkness in acid hues. Interdisciplinary artists Florence Peake and Eve Stainton choreographed and performed in the video, taking on the role of a multi-limbed, chimerical creature – emerging out of the darkness and mist. Moving, twisting, interlocking, this creature is at once human, and already evolved beyond that form. This writhing naked creature’s movement is at once creative and destructive, simultaneously reproducing and annihilating. KERAI’S Sasha Wilde took on the form of another Buffy-esque creature who emerges from the darkened space addressing the viewer, their haunting voice telling of desire and risk while cruising for connection. The video premiered in February 2021 at The Trans Day of Joy.

Heaven and Songs is a bittersweet meditation on impermanence. In a black and white video, directed by Lydia Garnett, KERAI’s Sasha Wilde moves in an undefined space, coming in and out of focus, momentarily emerging from darkness into light. The song evokes the feeling of a perfect moment slipping away. It reimagines haunting of one’s lover as a sweet continuation of an infinite bond. Heaven and Songs captures the immense vitality that can be found in liminal spaces, where life is lived with an intense sense of connection and freedom. 

Origin depicts a stranger—a tentacled, alien-esque being that’s queer in nature and self-protected by design, scouring a ravaged Earth for human connection and apparently having developed a gas mask as part of its anatomy. The collaborators describe the being as “a hybrid voice, an amalgamation of AI, a cyborg, and an alien—a queer presence that escaped the disciplining heteronormative gaze driven by capitalist and neoliberal desires.” Read more on OUT magazine. Directed by Kitty von-Sometime.